Welcome cataloguers!

My co-workers will say that I am obsessed with cataloguing.   They are right!

Library BooksThis blog has been created to guide catalogers to the information they need, when they need it.  To keep them apprised of changes in the field, to keep them in touch with other cataloguers, and to celebrate their AR tendencies!


5 responses to “Welcome cataloguers!

  1. Hi, I am brand new to cataloguing and taking a course through the University of BC for Teacher-Librarians. I came across this blog on my search for good resources for beginners in this field. Thank you for creating this blog and putting all the links in your side bar. They will be very helpful to me.

    • Thanks Nancy for your kind words. Good luck with your course work. I think my website will be useful to you. If you have any cataloguing related questions feel free to ask and I will try to answer them to the best of my ability. If I don’t know the answer I will prevail upon the knowledge of my esteemed colleagues.

  2. Thanks Lynne,
    I do have one question already.
    If you take this LC call number for example
    PR2458.M3 W5 I know the P is Language and Literature, and the PR means English literature, but how do the M and W fit in?

    • Hi Nancy,
      Re: PR2458M3.W5
      See: http://geography.about.com/library/congress/blhowto.htm
      The PR is indeed English Literature.
      The numbers following the PR denote more specific subject matter, in this case the time period of the literature. (English renaissance (1500-1640))
      The M3 stands for a geographic cutter (in this case Malawi)
      The W5 is the cutter for the main entry. In this case a name beginning with Wi
      See: http://staff.library.mun.ca/staff/toolbox/tables/lccutter.htm

      Hope this helps. I am VERY rusty with LC classification as I haven’t used it since taking my classes. The library where I work uses only Dewey Decimal Classification.

      • Kathleen Cobcroft

        Hi Lynne, I was just reading your super interesting blog and I thought I should chime in on this. I’ve worked at an LCC library for about 9 years.

        In literary numbers, you don’t get country codes in the same way as other sections of LCC. In the schedules, PR2458.M3 W5 shouldn’t be a real number, but PR2459.C6.W5 would be:

        PR2459 = the country and time period (English literature, renaissance, specific authors)
        .C6 = a cutter for the author (Jo Cooke)
        W6 = another cutter for the work. Most often this is the title, though there’s a table for other things eg. Z46 – autobiographies and memoirs.

        There’s rules in each section for constructing the cutters, which can be horribly confusing. And then, sometimes the first part can mean “specific authors of this place and time period, whose surname starts with P,” and the author cutter begins with the second letter of the surname.

        Back to updating authorities for all those Insurance headings. 🙂
        Kath in Canberra

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