Guide to DVD and Blu-ray cataloguing

There is a final draft of the Guide to Cataloging DVD and Blu-ray discs using AACR2R and Marc 21 available in .pdf format for free download. dvd-video

I understand that each library probably has its own procedures for cataloguing these media, but it is always helpful to see how others handle things.  And as a wise cataloguing teacher once told me “You have to know the rules, before you can break them”.  Not that we would break them exactly… sometimes just bend them to fit our catalogue and to meet the needs of our patrons.

My library does not yet catalogue Blu-ray discs.  That is not to say it will never happen, just that due to the nature of the disc, because it requires specifically designed equipment to play, it is not a common enough feature in most homes in our catchment area.

bluray_LOGOAn explanation of Blu-ray from the guide states:       Blu-ray uses a blue-violet laser that has a shorter wavelength than the standard DVD’s red laser. This shorter wavelength allows data to be stored in a smaller space, fitting more data on the disc itself. The dual layer Blu-ray disc can contain over 9 hours of high-definition video or about 23 hours of standard-definition video on a 50GB disc.

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