New genre headings

Every day I try to do a wee bit of database maintenance, but with a backlog of work this is not always possible.
Since I catalogue the non-feature DVDs for my library, today I updated some of the new genre headings.
Travelogues (Motion pictures, television, etc.) has been broken up into two separate headings:
Travelogues (Motion pictures) AND
Travelogues (Television programs)
Historical reenactments has been broken up into two separate headings:
Historical reenactments (Motion pictures) AND
Historical reenactments (Television programs)

Some more recent genre headings:
Filmed operas
Filmed musicals
Filmed ballets
Filmed sports events
Filmed lectures
Filmed speeches
For the novice cataloguers out there the thing to remember about genres is this:
655  GENRE headings describe WHAT IT IS (places it in a category)
650 Regular subject headings describe WHAT IT IS ABOUT
Thus you could have a work which relates the history of the horror movie over the last 50 years. This work would get a 650  Horror films because it is ABOUT horror films.
The movie “The exorcist” would get a 655 Horror films because it IS a horror film.
The same logic applies to $x subject sub-divisions vs. $v form sub-divisions.
If the sub-division describes the  ABOUTNESS of a topic it goes in a $x
If the sub-division describes the IS/FORM of the work it goes in a $v
Catholic Church$xPeriodicals$xHistory
(a work ABOUT the history of Catholic magazines)
Catholic Church$xHistory$vPeriodicals
(IS a magazine about the history of the Catholic Church)

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