RDA is on the way…

thu_tillettI attended a session at the Atlantic Provinces Library Association conference which was conducted by Barbara Tillett, Chief of Cataloging Policy and Support Office at the Library Congress.

We were so privileged to have her come to our little ‘neck of the woods’.

RDA = A new standard for resource description and access. This will essentially replace AACR2R.

She spoke of the imminent arrival of RDA and addressed some of the changes we should expect in 2010 when it does.  Some of the changes are welcome, some less so.  I say this only because I am a traditional ‘old school’ cataloguer and like many of my ilk I despise change.   One of the most welcome changes will be the extinction of the ‘Rule of three”.  All I can say is hallelujah!  I also look forward to the possibility of linking different formats to the one bib record.  Something I think most patrons will welcome.  As will they (and I ) welcome the proposed use of real language headings rather that structured LC subject headings.  She said that collocation will be vastly improved and that bib records will be ‘title centered‘.

View a webcast on the subject from the Library of Congress.

View the PowerPoint slides from the presentation by following the link at the APLA conference web site.

The things I like less about RDA:  (these will show my AR personality)

The fact that less emphasis will be placed on things like punctuation.

GMDs will be made obsolete as we know them. They will be replaced by such terms as content type, media type, and carrier type (I hope this can be done globally on our database)

Birth and death dates will no longer be denoted by b. and d.    Many abbreviations such as Dept. will be done away with and substited with the full word Department.  The Bible’s O.T. and N.T. subject headings will change, as will the subject headings for treaties  (two more I hope can be done globally)

Uniform titles will be a thing of the past.

Cloud computing is apparently on the way.


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