Marc tags to be used with RDA

marc-barIn order to fully utilize all the concepts of RDA we will in future be using MARC tags that up until now most of us have never used.  For instance with RDA GMDs will be made obsolete as we know them. They will be replaced by such terms as content type, media type, and carrier type.  In order for the bib record to reflect this and other RDA related information the marc record will be embellished with additional tags.

The Library of Congress, Marc Standards Division has published a DRAFT document on the web entitled: “Marc 21 Format 2009 Changes to Accommodate RDA (DRAFT)”

For those of you who are having trouble with the ‘concept’ of RDA, perhaps seeing the concept translated to marc tags will make it all seem clear and understandable.

My colleague, The Cataloging Librarian forwarded this link to me.   Thanks for sharing Laurel!

2 responses to “Marc tags to be used with RDA

  1. please give me a detail for RDA

  2. Joice,
    I have posted a PowerPoint presentation on RDA on this blog. Also you can refer to the links on my website:

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