How RDA will affect GMD

Essentially the GMD will be made obsolete by RDA.

I am thinking that is a good thing.  With all the new formats out there now, there seems to be little consistency between libraries when it comes to GMDs.  For instance my library uses $h[videorecording (DVD)] for DVDs.  When searching for copy I have also seen just $h[videorecording] ; $h[DVD videorecording] ; $h[DVD] and $h[videodisc].  And for downloadable materials there is any number of GMDs being used.  Some examples: &h[online audiobook] ; $h[e-book] ; $h[downloadable audio], etc. etc.

With RDA there will be NO GMDs.  Rather we will use a marc tag 338 – Carrier type (R) See:

Term for the category of carrier used to convey the content of the resource.

338 $aCarrier type term.

I am hoping that the ‘powers that be’ will provide a list of the carrier type terms to use for any given format.  If not we will be back to our old inconsistent methods…

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