Extraterrestrial beings

I admit it… I missed this one.  Way back in 2007 this subject heading was changed.


Prior to 2007 when you searched for Aliens (Extraterrestrial beings) the SH said SEE Life on other planets.  Now, however it says SEE Extraterrestrial beings with a SEE ALSO for Life on other planets.  Since this is an often used heading, I wanted to ensure that everyone knows about the updated,  more specific heading.

001 sh2007000255
003 DLC
005 20070309081016.0
008 070309i| anannbabn          |a ana     c
010 — |ash2007000255
040 — |aWa|beng|cDLC
150 — |aExtraterrestrial beings
450 — |aAlien beings (Extraterrestrials)
450 — |aAliens (Extraterrestrial beings)
450 — |aExtraterrestrial intelligence
450 — |aExtraterrestrials
550 — |wg|aLife on other planets
550 — |aHuman-alien encounters
670 — |aWork cat.: The thing from another world, 1987, c1951|b(Arctic researchers discover a huge, frozen alien inside a crash-landed UFO)
670 — |aHennepin|b(Aliens (Humanoid), Aliens (Non-humanoid))
670 — |aAm. heritage dict.|b(extraterrestrial: an extraterrestrial being or life form)
670 — |aDrake, F.D. Is any one out there? : the scientific search for extraterrestrial intelligence, 1992.
670 — |aLC database, Jan. 12, 2007|b(in titles: Alien beings; extraterrestrials; extraterrestrial beings)
670 — |aEncarta world Eng. dict.|b(alien : Extraterrestrial being : a being from another planet or another part of the universe, esp. in works of science fiction)
550 — |wh|aMartians
550 — |wh|aMen in black (UFO phenomenon)


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