DeweyError list

Dewey numbersThe following is cut and pasted from an email I received which originated from Ms. Sevim McCutcheon of Kent State University Libraries. I thought it worth sharing so here goes:
Have you ever noticed an error in the Dewey Decimal Classification number of an LC record, and wanted to let others know?Would you like to be notified of suspected errors when others find them?

The DeweyError list exists for just those purposes.  Since October 2004 catalogers have benefited from the existence of the DEWEYERROR list w hich is intended to distribute information about suspected errors in Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) numbers.

When LC edits a bibliographic record, the record is redistributed to all of the receiving agencies, and the earlier version is replaced. This process takes care of the error at the agency, but it is often too late for the local libraries, who have already added the title to their collections, perhaps without verifying the DDC number’s correctness. Unless, that is, someone tells them about the suspected errors, and that is where the DEWEYERROR  notification list comes in. When DEWEYERROR list subscribers write to LC concerning a suspected DDC error,  they also have the option of sending a copy of the email to the DEWEYERROR list.

To subscribe to DEWEYERROR send an email to

Leave the subject line blank. In the body of the message, write SUBSCRIBE DEWEYERROR plus your name.  After responding to a confirmation request, the subscriber will be automatically added and will start to receive error reports. 

The DEWEYERROR archives are located at


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