AquaBrowser® is coming!

Our library is in the early stages of having an AquaBrowser® overlay added to our database software.  This is a very exciting development because the social aspect of the catalogue will I’m sure be welcomed by patrons.  Patrons will be able to interact with the database by making reading lists, they will be able to see what others thought of the item, they can view cover art, write reviews, etc. etc.

The AquaBrowser® interface will assist patrons in finding the library’s resources more quickly and efficiently. (At least we hope so).

Do you use AquaBrowser?  I’d be interested in hearing from anyone who is currently using an AquaBrowser overlay.  Do you like it?  What are its main advantages/disadvantages?

2 responses to “AquaBrowser® is coming!

  1. I was an intern working in the University of Pittsburgh’s reference/instruction department when they first got AquaBrowser, so I have a lot of experience with the first reactions to the new overlay.

    I found a lot of professors, grad students, and people who had a lot of experience with the old catalog were unhappy with the changes, but students who had never worked with a catalog weren’t quite so intimidated since it was similar to a google type interface. There were some problems – for example the word cloud was pretty useless for actual research, but super entertaining to see what ridiculous terms it would connect. But overall, I think it was a great change for the average academic patron – the student who is a little afraid of the library and avoids whenever possible.

  2. Hi Elizabeth,
    I too wonder just how useful the word cloud will be. It reminds me of StumbleUpon. Great and entertaining if you have lots of time to spare, but pretty useless for someone with limited time and a goal in mind. I understand that the word cloud can be disabled. I’m thinking I’ll probably do that.

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