Subject headings for ROADS have changed!

winding-road-autumn-leaves In the most recent list of Subject Headings changes from the Library of Congress there are   several changes made to roads subject headings.  They are for the most part all in direct order now.  Some examples are:

Roads, Brick  is now Brick roads
Roads, Ice is now Ice crossings
Roads, Concrete is now Concrete roads
Roads, Earth is now Dirt roads
Roads, Gravel is now Gravel roads
Roads, Macadamized is now Macadam roads
Roads, Experimental is now Test roads
Roads, Oiled is now Oiled roads
Roads, Rubberized is now Rubberized roads
Roads, Soil-cement is now Soil-cement roads
Roads, Tarred is now Tarred roads

I guess we are on the road to updating our databases...

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