Cookery? not for much longer…

With RDA on the horizon, the Library of Congress is moving toward subject headings that are more in keeping with everyday jargonmixing-bowl-and-cookbook.  That means that inverted headings are being gradually changed to direct order headings.  This also means that antiquated terminology is being converted to more commonly accepted and understood terms.

A prime example of this trend is described in the .pdf document put out by the  ABA Policy and Standards Division (PSD) of the Library of Congress. In a move to modernize the cookery subject headings, they are in the initial stages of a major clean-up.

It looks like Cookery will be changed to Cooking.  And that’s just the beginning…

Once final decisions have been made, the Subject Headings Manual, H 1475, Cooking and Cookbooks, will be revised

One response to “Cookery? not for much longer…

  1. This is exciting news for public librarians everywhere who will no longer have to attempt to explain cookery to their patrons.

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