OCLC report — “Online catalogs: what users and librarians want”

cc in screenYou might be interested in the results of various research efforts by OCLC.

The Online Catalogs report presents findings that indicate, among other things, that although library catalogs are often thought of as discovery tools, the catalog’s delivery-related information is just as important to end users.



Some of the statistics contained within the report that I found especially interesting:

Desired Data Quality Enhancements
Which of the following enhancements would you recommend?
Base: Total library survey respondents

Merge duplicate records  52%

Add tables of contents to records  40%

Add summaries to records  28%

Fix typos  27%

Upgrade brief records  25%

Add cover art to results 25%

Make it easier to correct records  25%

Fix MARC coding errors  24%

Add summaries to results  24%

Increase accuracy of library holding information  24%

More records for online resources  22%

Add more formats  22%

More records for non-English materials  21%

More clickable links to online content 18%

Enable more libraries to make corrections  15%

Add excerpts to the records  11%

Add support for multilingual searching/record displays  10%

Greater exposure of holdings on the Web  8%

Do these statistics surprise you?

Our library is in the beta-testing phase of the social catalog software overlay AquaBrowser.  This overlay will address many of the issues presented above, but not all.

Also available is a Webinar entitled “Online Catalog: designing with users in mind


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