Genre headings for videos changing

The Policy and Standards Division (PSD) of the Library of Congress  has determined that topical headings denoting a genre or form of video recording should be cancelled in favor of the existing correlated film headings.

See link:

For example:

Instructional videos          would be changed to Instructional films

Educational videos             would be changed to Educational films

etc., etc.


5 responses to “Genre headings for videos changing

  1. But films are on film, and video is on tape!

    • Suzie,
      According to the Subject Headings Manual instruction sheet H 1913, “the term films refers to works that are originally recorded and released on motion picture film, on video, or digitally.”

  2. Is this a welcomed change? Coming from my perspective as a cataloging student and a catalog user, it seems to actually muddy the waters a bit.

  3. I watched some really funny films on YouTube yesterday!

    My parents are thinking of buying a new DFD player.

    Wow, awkward. Semantically, I don’t like this one bit. The etymology of “video” makes it a much more portable and useful term, IMHO.

  4. “Film” and “tape” are just formats. I don’t understand why “film” is being elevated like this. Imagine the LOC re-classifying all printed and electronic books as “codices”….

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