Now it is official… the Library of Congress is cooking

Yes, finally it is official!  After many preparatory announcements the outdated subject heading cookery has been changed to cooking.  Our library made over 1800 subject heading edits to reflect this change.

LC Control Number: sh2010008400
HEADING: Cooking
000 01540cz a2200301n 450
001 8271242
005 20100624002702.0
008 100506i| anannbabn |a ana
035 __ |a (DLC)8271242
035 __ |a (DLC)sh2010008400
035 __ |a (DLC)467079
906 __ |t 1022 |u tc03 |v 0
010 __ |a sh2010008400 |z sh 85031766
040 __ |a DLC |b eng |c DLC |d DLC
053 _0 |a TX643 |b TX840
150 __ |a Cooking
450 __ |w nne |a Cookery
450 __ |a Cuisine
450 __ |a Food preparation
550 __ |w g |a Home economics
550 __ |a Dinners and dining
550 __ |a Food
550 __ |a Gastronomy
550 __ |a Table
680 __ |i Here are entered works about all types of food preparation, including preparation of those foods that do not necessarily need to be heated. Works about collections of recipes are entered under |a Cookbooks. Works on cooking in specific places are entered under |a Cooking |i subdivided by the name of the place. Works on national or ethnic cuisines and styles of cooking are entered under headings of the type |a Cooking, American, [Chinese, etc.], |i which may be further subdivided to designate regional styles, e.g. |a Cooking, American–Southern style; Cooking, Chinese–Sichuan style; etc. Works on an individual style in a specific locality are entered under two headings, one for the style and one for the locality, e.g. |a 1. Cooking, American–Southern style. 2. Cooking–Georgia–Savannah.
681 __ |i Notes under |a Cookbooks; Formulas, recipes, etc.

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