Stray dogs

Sometimes I get really frustrated by LCSH.  For instance, today I have a work about a stray dog.  The subject heading for stray dogs reads Feral dogs.  The dog in question is NOT wild or feral, but merely STRAY.  Using Feral dogs would be misleading, so I had to settle for just DOGS.  This is not the only instance where something like this has come up in the course of cataloging on a daily basis.  Are there any subject headings that you think are particularly misleading?  I’d love to hear from you.  Thanks for the rant.

001       sh 85047814
005       19860725080007.6
008       860211i| anannbab| |b ana |||
010 —    |ash 85047814
040 —    |aDLC|cDLC|dDLC
053 —    |aSF810.7.D65
150 -0    |aFeral dogs
450 -0    |aStray dogs
550 -0    |wg|aDogs
550 -0    |wg|aFeral mammals
550 -0    |aWild dogs
680 —    |iHere are entered works on domesticated dogs that have returned
to the wild. Works on undomesticated mammals of the family
Canidae that resemble domestic dogs are entered under|aWild dogs.
681 —    |iNote under|aWild dogs

2 responses to “Stray dogs

  1. Mischief, Malicious.

    There’s no entry for non-malicious mischief. Where does Dennis the Menace fit in?

  2. I too find LCSH frustraing sometimes. Right now I am trying to catalog a grant proposal. Wouldn’t you think grant proposal might be a useful subject heading? Nope. Not funding request, not application. I’m running out of synonyms! I tried the back door by going for charitable organizations, thinking I could add a subfield for donations but that doesn’t work either.

    Linda K.

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