Queens of England?

Always confusing is the England vs. Great Britain issue in subject cataloguing.    When cataloguing works of history you cannot use England–History, rather the rule is to use Great Britain–History.

However… What about Queens?  Former practice was to subdivide Queens by Great Britain.  Now it would appear that the Library of Congress have changed their minds.  I searched under Queens–England–Biography in the LC catalogue and found 22 records attached all with dates 2004 onwards.

I did not catch the LCRI update that mentions this change and would appreciate it if anyone can direct me to the correct document.

My library has made a local decision to use Queens–England  for works about queens BEFORE the year 1707  (the year Scotland was united with England and Wales to form Great Britain)   For queens after the year 1707 we will use the subdivision Great Britain.

One response to “Queens of England?

  1. can some tell me how many queens was in england
    from queen 1 on down i study history of england
    i want to know how many queens was in the palace
    thank you

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