Name authority problem

I catalogued a novel by Lisa Miscione, “Angel fire”.  The Library of Congress authority does not include 500 see also references for the author’s more well known name, Lisa Unger.  (Unger, Lisa, 1970-)

I added cross references to our database under both names.  You might want to do the same.

See Wikipedia entry:


2 responses to “Name authority problem

  1. I cataloged that exact book today! I don’t have the authority to add a cross reference in the authority files in our system database. I added “Unger, Lisa, 1970-” in the 700 field (as the writer to the preface) to ensure that it would be findable.

  2. Lynne (if I may),
    Re Lisa Miscione: the LoC has established a reference but it is a SEE reference, not a SEE ALSO. This is a case of earlier/later forms of personal name and not of separate bibiographical identities. The later form is preferred for ALL her works and not just those with that form on the t.p.

    Best wishes,
    Stephen Arnold.
    Bodleian Libraries, Oxford.

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