Excuse me… my anality is showing

O.K. I’m more than a bit AR.  But I use the excuse that being anal is a good trait for a cataloguer to have.

Today I’m ranting about Star Wars and Star Trek.  The authorities for these two entities are not consistent.  Sometimes the second word in both of these is capitalized, sometimes not.  WHY?

Examples (only one example of MANY):

Star wars, episode I, the phantom menace (Motion picture)

Star wars, episode II, attack of the clones (Motion picture)

Star Wars, episode III, revenge of the Sith (Motion picture)

How can we keep our catalogs consistent if the authorities themselves are not ?

What are others doing?  Or do you think I’m too AR and should let it go?


2 responses to “Excuse me… my anality is showing

  1. This might be one of those things to just let go of. It doesn’t affect filing or searchability. And in RDA, cataloguers will be transcribing precisely what we see on the items (in which case the entry should scream STAR WARS), or changing case if we feel like it, so the inconsistency in look will just increase. Give in to the dark side…

    • I realize that with RDA we will be transcribing as it appears. However, my point was not the descriptive aspect – but rather the subject and name authorities. To my way of thinking the authorities should be consistent. Just because we are migrating to RDA doesn’t mean we will be no longer doing authority work.

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