Authorities and coding

I’ve often wondered about the coding LC uses in some of their authority records.    There is a or b coding as to whether the authority should be used as a main or added entry, a subject, or a series.   With a meaning YES and b meaning NO.

If you see aaa then the authority can be used for all three.  baa means it cannot be used as a main or added entry,  but can be used as a subject or series.  bab means it can only be used as a subject.  bba means it can only be used as a series, etc. etc.

Why then do the authority records for airplanes, ships etc. have the coding aab?  This denotes that the airplane CAN be a main or added entry.  When is the last time you saw a work written by an airplane?  Is there any instance when the authorities for airplanes, boats, ships, etc. should display in the author authority database?

Example: 001       n 2004029426
003       DLC
005       20040714143836.0
008       040714n| acannaabn |n ana
010 —    |an 2004029426
040 —    |aDLC|beng|cDLC
110 2-    |aBuzzer (Airplane)
670 —    |aYedlin, Benedict. Brother men who fly, 2002:|bp.
1-2 (The Buzzer; B-24 “H” model, serial no. 41-29307;
crashed in Italy Dec. 9, 1944)



2 responses to “Authorities and coding

  1. In AACR terms, a work can be written by an aeroplane in just the same way as it can be written by a bank or any other organisation – by having corporate responsibility under 21.1B2. In practice, it’s quite unlikely for a plane, but I have seen the official newsletter of a Royal Navy ship done with main entry for the ship

  2. What the (a.e.) stands for in
    010 __ |a n 79054611
    100 1_ |a Ali, Muhammad, |d 1942-
    670 __ |a Kaletsky, R. Ali and me, c1982 (a.e.) |b p. 11 (Cassius Marcellus Clay)

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