We use many genres in our marc records.  The most frequently used are those from the Library of Congress ($2lcgft) and the Guidelines on Subject Access to Individual works of Fiction, Drama, etc.  ($2gsafd)

In copy cataloging I often see the acronym $2eflch and although I have tried searching ‘eflch’ on Google, I cannot find its meaning.  Can anyone tell me what the acronym stands for? Also, is there a readily available list of terms?

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  1. Well, it may be an error? The list of approved codes is at and it doesn’t have that one.

    BTW lcsh is no longer approved for genre/form terms. The new one is lcgft.

    • David,

      Thanks for pointing out my error. I DO use lcgft for motion picture and television program genres as well as cookbooks.
      However, at our library we use many fiction genres and music genres that have not yet been changed over from 650s to 655s and thus must still be coded with the lcsh.

      “The change in coding applies only to headings that have an LCGFT authority record (tag 155), and not to headings that are being used in a 655 field but are from LCSH (tagged 150).” — Janis L. Young, Policy and Standards Division, Library of Congress

  2. If you look here:, you can see that it is the code for E4Libraries Subject Categories, maintained by BIC.

  3. The codes for sources of genre/form terms are listed in “Genre/Form Code and Term Source Codes” available online from LC at:

    The code you’re seeing “eflch” is not present in the list of authorized codes. However, it was distributed in “TECHNICAL NOTICE (December 16, 2008)–Additions to the MARC Code Lists for Relators, Sources, Description Conventions” as:
    eflch – E4Libraries Category Headings

    Not sure why this code wasn’t retained when the list of genre source codes was separated out into it’s own list (from the original document “MARC Code Lists for Relators, Sources, Description Conventions”).

  4. Sorry, hit Post too quickly. Here is the link to the lists themselves:

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