RDA implementation date set !

The official announcement from the Library of Congress declares the official implementation date for RDA to be March 31, 2013.  One short year away!

The U.S. National Agricultural Library and National Library of Medicine, as well as the British Library, Library & Archives Canada, Deutsche Nationalbibliothek, and National Library of Australia, will also
target early 2013 for Day One of their RDA implementation.

Many dread the date.  Many feel that it is unnecessary.  Some can hardly wait.  What do YOU think?

Either way, with all of the major libraries choosing to convert to RDA, we smaller libraries will have no choice but to follow in their footsteps.    There are some already choosing RDA and when we download those records we simply cut out the RDA input (with no detrimental affect to our records and no influence on access). With software overlays such as AquaBrowser it seems redundant to implement RDA when many of the goals of utilizing FRBR are covered…  As a cataloguer who strives for consistency, the thought of many different qualities of records in our database is disturbing to say the least.


One response to “RDA implementation date set !

  1. what is rda?

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