010 LCCN input practices

Lately I’ve noticed that a lot of libraries no longer input 2 spaces before the LCCN in the 010 tag.

It was always my understanding that the input convention was to enter two spaces before the Library of Congress Control number.  Has this rule changed?  If so please let me know…



2 responses to “010 LCCN input practices

  1. Did you ever discover why this is now happening? We have also noticed this at the regional library I work at. It seems to come through when we pull records from OCLC and I haven’t been able to determine is this is a new practice in the US. If you get an answer, I would love to know. I am working on the manual revision committee for TRAC (one of the Alberta systems), and it would be useful to add this into the manual before the next set of revisions.

  2. I don’t know why it started but I do know that some “screen scraping” software can’t read the fields which have spaces before the numbers. Maybe that is the reason for the change.

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