Name authority problem noted

I have just finished cataloging the new Clive Cussler novel “Storm” which is co-authored by Graham Brown.
The dust jacket reads: Graham Brown is the author of Black Rain and Black Sun, and is a pilot and an attorney, he lives in Arizona."Storm" by Clive Cussler and Graham Brown
The authority for Graham Brown, 1969-   no2010062412  states
670 — |aHis Black rain, 2010:|bt.p. (Graham Brown) cover p. 3 (b. in Chicago, Ill. ; is a pilot and attorney ; lives in Tucson, Ariz.)
Obviously the correct choice.
under the authority for Graham Brown  (with no date), n 81067181 which was amended in March of this year you can find the following:
670 — |aStorm, 2012:|bECIP t.p. (Graham Brown, co-author with Clive Cussler)

I have notified LC of the error and hope they will amend the affected authorities sooner rather than later…

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