Calcutta name change

A quick ‘heads up’ alert

The authority for Calcutta (India) states:

667 — |aSUBJECT USAGE: This heading is not valid for use as a subject. Works about this place are entered under Kolkata (India).

This is a name change that is slow to be accepted among the general public (at least in my part of the world) even though the change took place in 2001.
For that reason we have chosen to change the references in the authority from See Also references to SEE references.


005       20130226073742.0
008       800904n| aznnnabbn |a ana
010 —    |an 80049617 |zn 50052217 |zsh 85018810
034 —    |dE0882211|eE0882211|fN0223411|gN0223411|2geonames
035 —    |a(OCoLC)oca00431503
040 —    |aDLC|beng|erda|cDLC|dDLC|dDLC-S|dDLC-R|dDLC|dNIC|dDLC|dNN|dOCoLC|dDLC|dWaU
043 —    |aa-ii—
151 —    |aCalcutta (India)
451 —    |aCorporation of Calcutta (India)
451 —    |aKalika?ta? (India)
451 —    |aCalcutta Municipal Corporation (India)
451 —    |aKalkat?ay (India)
451 —    |aKalkat?a (India)
451 —    |aKalakatta? (India)
451 —    |aKalkatah (India)
451 —    |aKalaka?ta? Purasabha?
451 —    |aCalcutta Corporation (India)
551 —    |wb|aKolkata (India)         ****We have changed this to a 451
667 —    |aSUBJECT USAGE: This heading is not valid for use as a subject. Works about this place are entered under Kolkata (India).
667 —    |aOld catalog heading: Calcutta
670 —    |aCalcutta (India). Schedule of establishment for …
1980-81:|bt.p. (Corporation of Calcutta; Calcutta)
670 —    |aPhone call to assistant director, LC Overseas
Operations Div., 12/7/84|b(Corporation of Calcutta is
the same as Calcutta, India; not a separate body)
670 —    |aThankappan, P. A history of Calcutta’s streets,
1987:|bt.p. (Calcutta) p. facing t.p. (Kolkata)
670 —    |aWhere is it, 1976:|bp. 4 (Calcutta, 22̊5?N, 88̊4?E)
670 —    |aLetter from Municipal Commissioner, The
Corporation, 1/15/87|b(Corporation of Calcutta has been re-named Calcutta Municipal Corporation with effect from 1/4/1984)
670 —    |aForeign names decisions approved by the U.S. Board
on Geographic Names, Feb. 28, 2001|b(former name:
Calcutta–PPLA, 22̊34?N 88̊22?E; new name: Kolkata
[Bengali], Calcutta [conventional]–PPLA, 22̊34?  88̊22?E)
670 —    |aGeoNames, algorithmically matched,
2009|b(unknown; 22̊34?11?N 088̊22?11?E)
670 —    |aPublic health in colonial Calcutta and the Calcutta
Corporation, 1923-1947, 2010:|bt.p. (Calcutta Corporation)
670 —    |aGEOnet, Nov. 27, 2012;|b(Kolkata [approved], in West
Bengal, India, PPLA, 22̊33?45?N 88̊21?47?E; variants:
Calcutta, Kalika?ta?, Sealdah)
670 —    |aStatesman’s yearbook online, Nov. 27, 2012|bunder
India, city profiles, Kolkata (Kolkata, known as Calcutta
until 2001)


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