Sewing NOT Dressmaking


Just cataloged an instructional DVD titled “Sewing beyond the basics: kitchen accessories”.  The DVD includes a bonus CD-ROM with patterns.

I wanted to add the subject heading: 150 — |aSewing|vPatterns  but this is invalid.

Instead it is a reference for 150 — |aDressmaking|vPatterns  or

sewing-machine-close-up150 — |aTailoring|vPatterns

the DVD’s accompanying patterns are NOT about dressmaking – they are about sewing kitchen accessories.


2 responses to “Sewing NOT Dressmaking

  1. I agree that seems almost back-to-front, except that one could as easily have patterns for either sewing or dressmaking without either implying the other (ie make dresses without sewing and as in yours sewing from a pattern not for a dress).

    Although it does not quite meet one’s desire – if it is not too broad, is there a heading for Textile crafts — Patterns ?

    • Fictionophile

      There is a heading for Textile crafts–Patterns
      It just seemed too broad for what I was cataloguing. I really wanted to bring the ‘kitchen’ aspect into the SHs.
      The ideal heading would have been Kitchen linens–Patterns
      (but sadly I just made that one up) LOL

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