Hello, my name is Lynne LeGrow.

For many years I have maintained a website with cataloguing aids, reminders, and links.   I have since taken the website down and post to this blog instead.

Within the next year I will be retiring from cataloging and ending my library career.  At that time this blog will be shut down.

Lynne's Cataloguing Aids


8 responses to “About

  1. I need a clipart similar to your glossary image. would you mind telling me where you obtained it.


  2. How do I submit a new title to your list of cataloging tools? I’ve published (annually on September 1 since 1992) “LIBRARY OF CONGRESS CHANGED SUBJECT HEADING SUBDIVISIONS” which is a cumulated list of all the changed, discontinued and re-arranged LC subdivisions. ISBN (2009 ed.) is 978-0-9726688-7-3 available for $20.00 from me by e-mail jtogden@alumni.albany.edu or telephone (360-754=8625) with the library’s Purchase Order #. Standing orders ISSN 1543-916X are also available from me or a regular dealer such as EBSCO or Blackwell.

    How can I get this title listed on your list “Lynne’s Cataloguing Aids” or something similar?

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  4. Subscribe me to site updates. Thanks.

  5. Please subscribe me! Many thanks

  6. “Library of Congress Changed Subject Headidng Subdivisions” is ceasing publication. The latest issue, 2010 edition, was published September 2010 at $20.00. Remaining copies will be available as long as they last for $15.00. Orders accepted with your library purchase order no. by phone, e-mail, or regular mail to the address below. Invoice will be included with the shipment, or you can send prepaid check

    ======================================================================= Joyce T. Ogden jtogden@alumni.albany.edu
    2924 28th AV SE
    Olympia WA 98501
    360) 754-8625

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