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Newly approved subject headings
Subject headings which have been recently changed

Tibet as a subject

TibetBack in 2013 the Library of Congress updated the subject heading: Tibet (China) to   Tibet Autonomous Region (China)

Our catalog had not been fully updated to reflect this change.

Has yours????


Bombay (India) not valid for use as a subject

Bombay (India) is now Mumbai (India)

Mumbai mapMumbai

LC still authorizes use of Bombay (India) as a corporate name heading. However Bombay (India) IS NOT VALID FOR USE AS A SUBJECT! When cataloguing a work ‘about’ use Mumbai (India) The city’s name was officially changed in 1996.

Gee…. I sure miss those old Cataloging Service Bulletins!  I would have amended our database way before now…

Koran is now Qurʼan

The Holy KoranThis subject heading change might be tricky for some library software packages due to the diacritic.


For instance, my library software displays as: Qur[AE]an


Cataloging Service Bulletins: do you miss them?

ImageI mourn the discontinuation of the Cataloging Service Bulletins.  I found them to be a vital resource for keeping up-to-date on new and changed subject headings and name authorities.  The Library of Congress site states that they are a discontinued publication. All back issues are available (in html) for free, but we need NEW issues.

Do you miss them as much as I do???

Survival SH change

Survival GuideA wee ‘heads-up’ to the fact that LC has changed the subject heading Survival skills to Survival.

See the LC authority dated July 29, 2011

LC control no.: sh 85130882
LCCN permalink: 85130882
HEADING: Survival
000 00598cz a2200217n 450
001 4779704
005 20110729121600.0
008 860211i| anannbabn |a ana
010 __ |a sh 85130882 |z sh 85130878 |z sj 96006221
035 __ |a (DLC)sh 85130882
035 __ |a (DLC)8554065
035 __ |a (DLC)sp 85130882
035 __ |a (DLC)491711
040 __ |a DLC |c DLC |d DLC
053 _0 |a GF86
150 __ |a Survival
450 __ |w nne |a Survival after airplane accidents, shipwrecks, etc.
450 __ |w nne |a Survival skills
906 __ |t 1109 |u tc03 |v 0
952 __ |a 423 bib. records to be changed
953 __ |a xx00 |b td13

New genre coding

The Library of Congress has finally decided to separate the genre form terms from the subject headings.  Since 2007 the Library of Congress’ Policy and Standards Division has been developing genre/form terms, and in June 2010 determined that the new thesaurus, Library of Congress Genre/Form Terms for Library and Archival Materials (LCGFT), should be formally separated from Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH). 

As of May 24, 2011, new coding should be used when assigning LCGFT terms in bibliographic records.  That coding is as follows.

655 #7 $a [Term]. $2 lcgft  (Library of Congress genre form term)

We will no longer use $2lcsh (Library of Congress subject heading)

CAUTION :  The change in coding applies only to headings that have an LCGFT authority record (tag 155), and not to headings that are being used in a 655 field but are from LCSH (tagged 150).  Therefore, the headings would look like this:

655 #7 $a Horror films. $2 lcgft                  (there is a 155 authority record)   OR

655 #7 $a Political fiction. $2 lcsh]    (there is not a 155 authority record, but there is a 150 tag.

For further information and the rationale for these revisions, please see the January 3, 2011 announcement, “Library of Congress to Reissue Genre/Form Authority Records.”

A related document from OLAC  (OnLine Audiovisual Catalogers electronic discussion list)

Queens of England?

Always confusing is the England vs. Great Britain issue in subject cataloguing.    When cataloguing works of history you cannot use England–History, rather the rule is to use Great Britain–History.

However… What about Queens?  Former practice was to subdivide Queens by Great Britain.  Now it would appear that the Library of Congress have changed their minds.  I searched under Queens–England–Biography in the LC catalogue and found 22 records attached all with dates 2004 onwards.

I did not catch the LCRI update that mentions this change and would appreciate it if anyone can direct me to the correct document.

My library has made a local decision to use Queens–England  for works about queens BEFORE the year 1707  (the year Scotland was united with England and Wales to form Great Britain)   For queens after the year 1707 we will use the subdivision Great Britain.