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Sewing NOT Dressmaking


Just cataloged an instructional DVD titled “Sewing beyond the basics: kitchen accessories”.  The DVD includes a bonus CD-ROM with patterns.

I wanted to add the subject heading: 150 — |aSewing|vPatterns  but this is invalid.

Instead it is a reference for 150 — |aDressmaking|vPatterns  or

sewing-machine-close-up150 — |aTailoring|vPatterns

the DVD’s accompanying patterns are NOT about dressmaking – they are about sewing kitchen accessories.


Cataloging Service Bulletins: do you miss them?

ImageI mourn the discontinuation of the Cataloging Service Bulletins.  I found them to be a vital resource for keeping up-to-date on new and changed subject headings and name authorities.  The Library of Congress site states that they are a discontinued publication. All back issues are available (in html) for free, but we need NEW issues.

Do you miss them as much as I do???

DVDs of opera productions

As the cataloguer of many filmed operas on DVD I notice that very few libraries use the same Dewey number as I do for these items.   The number I see most often is 782.1 (Vocal music – Dramatic vocal forms – Operas)  However, I believe that these items should be classified under 792.542 (Stage presentations – Opera productions – Single operas)  I would be interested in hearing arguments either way.

Also, I notice that most libraries use the SH 650 Operas for these when surely the correct heading would be 655 Filmed operas???


Canada is metric!

I know, I know, this is OLD news.  In fact, the metric system began to be  implemented in Canada in 1970.

However, I ask myself…

Why is it that Canadian Marc records for books use metric in the 300 subfield c (eg. 24 cm.)

BUT… for DVDs and compact discs they still use the Imperial or American system of measurement!  I have to amend EVERY DVD or CD that I download for copy cataloguing to the  metric 12 cm. from the Imperial 4 3/4 in.

A quote from “Maxwell’s Handbook for AACR2R” found on page 215.  “As allowed under AACR2R 0.28, the National Library of Canada will use only metric measurements throughout the record. Canadian libraries will not use inches in area 7.5″ (the physical description area)

I realize that most libraries like to follow AACR2r to the letter, but…. in this cataloguers opinion, it makes sense to have all formats of materials measured in the measurement system used by the country in which the item is catalogued.  I know cataloguers hate change, but….  it has been 41 years!

WGBH Boston?

Since I catalogue a LOT of PBS DVDs, I encounter this problem quite often.  Many (understandably) assume that the address of WGBH Boston is Boston, Massachusetts.   THIS IS INCORRECT.

The address is actually South Burlington, Vermont (as their Library of Congress name authority states).

Their full address from their website:

WGBH Boston Video
PO Box 2284
South Burlington, VT 05407-2284
Call 1-800-949-8670
Fax 1-802-864-9846

Marc tag 245 subfield order

I do a lot of non-book cataloguing and wanted to share the following cheat sheet.

Subfields $n and $p precede subfield $h:
$a Title proper. $n Part number, $p Part title $h [GMD]  : $bother title information

Subfield $n data follows a period (.).
Subfield $p data follows a period (.) when it is preceded by subfield $a, $b or another subfield $p. Subfield $p data follows a comma (,) when it follows subfield $n.

n.n If there are two subfield $n and are being displayed concurrently, they are separated by a period (.)

p.p. If there are two subfield $p and are being displayed concurrently, they are separated by a period (.)

n,p If a subfield $p follows a $n subfield it is preceded by a comma (,)

p.n If a subfield $n follows a $p subfield it is preceded by a period (.)

Do not omit initial articles from the title of a part or section recorded in subfield $p.

If a part title transcribed in subfield $p is distinctive and meaningful, record it also in a variant title field 246.

Initial articles are omitted from tag 246. The second indicator value of tag 246 is 0 for a portion of the title.


245 14  0 $a The phonics basic skills workbook. $n Part 1, $pReading readiness$h [videorecording] : $b preparing for kindergarten.

246 30  0 $a Reading readiness$h [videorecording] : $b preparing for kindergarten

Genre headings for videos changing

The Policy and Standards Division (PSD) of the Library of Congress  has determined that topical headings denoting a genre or form of video recording should be cancelled in favor of the existing correlated film headings.

See link:   http://www.loc.gov/catdir/cpso/videorecheadings2.pdf

For example:

Instructional videos          would be changed to Instructional films

Educational videos             would be changed to Educational films

etc., etc.